The Surge of FDI in Renewable Energy

The landscape of global renewable energy is witnessing a significant surge, due to increasing FDI from nations committed to environmental sustainability and addressing climate change.

Taiwan's Renewable Energy Growth

One of the standout recent developments is the British International Investment's (BII) significant pledge of £13.5 million to the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Fund II. This investment is a clear demonstration of the UK's commitment to fostering clean energy initiatives in Southeast Asia, a region with vast potential for renewable energy projects.

Australia is stepping up its commitment to the renewable energy sector with a bold announcement from its Prime Minister. A new $2 billion green energy investment fund aimed at Southeast Asia marks a pivotal move towards supporting sustainable development in the region. By focusing on renewable energy infrastructure projects, including solar, wind, and hydroelectricity, Australia aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate economic growth.

Saudi Arabia's strategic investments are driving a renewable energy boom in Central Asia. Saudi investment in countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is tapping into their considerable renewable potential. The growing momentum in wind, solar, and hydropower projects in Central Asia is a sign of the region's emerging role in the global shift towards clean energy, facilitated by international investment.

These developments across various regions highlight a significant trend: FDI is becoming a crucial driver of renewable energy projects worldwide. Through strategic investments, countries are not only contributing to global sustainability efforts but are also opening pathways for economic and social development globally.


Annual Review 2022